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Our Team

“Rov Qaab Moog Que Teb Qub Chaws.”
“A Return to the Old World.”

Meet the Folks

Folklore Studio is a team of two artists who are dedicated to fabricating the real and digital world with vibrant creations.

We are located in the heart of the Minneapolis Northeast Arts District.

Ash Kubesh

Ash Kubesh


Kao Lee Thao

Kao Lee Thao

Art Direction/Animator

About Our Team

Folklore Studio is a unique team of artists who strive to construct visually captivating concepts and innovative experiences for audiences. We combine vibrantly colored imagery and animation to transport viewers through storytelling.

Kao Lee Thao is a visual/public artist and 3D animator. She paints to unlock inspiration and transport viewers to a world of fantasy, reminding us not to forget what imagination can accomplish in life.

Ash Kubesh is a maker that blends artistic and technical. Started his artistic career creating fluid ceramic forms but wanted to combine new technological advancements and traditional sculpting techniques into a 3D/Stop Motion animation career. His creations aspire to unite mediums by integrating the physical and digital worlds through imaginative presentations.

Join our Team

Folklore Studio is always actively looking for dedicated artists to join our team. Please send us your portfolio and resumes. I look forward to seeing your creations.

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