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“Rov Qaab Moog Qub Teb Qub Chaws.”
“A Return to the Old World.”

Hmong people don’t have a land to call Home. We are a nomadic tribe that were forced to migrate due to persecution. In the metaverse, Hmongaverse will finally be the first land we can call Home.

In Hmong av means land, Hmongaverse translates to Hmong land-erse.

Our Story

Hmongaverse will be a social hub for those to gather and learn about Hmong history, village life, folktales, ceremonies, and traditional games. Social gatherings are the way of life and how we stay connected.

Hmongaverse is open to explore endless opportunities and stories. Storytelling is a powerful tool for strengthening and creating cross-cultural understanding. Visitors can unlock Folktales and games from the NPC characters in the world. This teaching tool will help to preserve history and culture. Folktales relay messages and cultural aspects of the Hmong community which would otherwise be lost by time. Growing up, our grandmother told us folktales that provoked imagination and created new fantasy worlds.

Join the Experience

Each realm will transport viewers and offer unique Hmong folktale inspired merchandise, avatars, wearables, pets, equipment, art, collectibles. Specialized artisans’ shops will be scattered throughout the land inspired by folktales that have been passed down but generations to generations and can purchase a piece of history. Countries have influenced Hmong culture shifting the look and speed of everything, but our culture will continue far through the ages.

Audiences will be visually stimulated by mythical creatures, vast lush green landscapes filled with captivating avatars and landmarks. Family Friendly social hub for all ages who want to learn about Hmong history, folklore and traditions. Gather from the comfort of their home across the World.